Fertility Nutrition &
Lifestyle Masterclass

Episode 10: Finding A Great Prenatal

Expert advice, without leaving the couch

What not to put in your body.

The best time to have sex.

The basics of macro and micronutrients.

Why treating yourself with "unhealthy" foods is OK.

What to look for at the supermarket.

How to sleep better.

How to eat with your cycle.

How to find a great prenatal supplement.

Whether weight actually matters.

How to de-stress your body and mind.

What to look for in cleaning products.

What your partner (or donor!) can do to help you out.

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Hi! I'm Stacey Turner, the creator of this course.

Hi! I'm Stacey Turner, the creator of this course.

I've spent over a decade helping women live healthier, more complete lives, and II'm so excited to share everything I know about pre-natal nutrition with you.

The first episode of this course is designed to really help you understand who I am, but also understand just what, exactly, you're going to learn.