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Curated to best suit your needs no matter where you are on your pregnancy journey

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Pregnancy gifts for every stage of her journey

Whether it’s your sister, BFF or workmate, if you’ve just found out there’s a new mum-to-be in your life, congrats are in order. But why not brighten up her day with a little extra something? Kin Fertility’s range of gifts and bundles has something for everyone, from first-time mums to those who have done it all before. Scroll through our pregnancy gift ideas and help her celebrate this exciting time in her life.

The best gifts for mums-to-be…

When you think of pregnancy gifts, the first thing that comes to mind may be baby clothes or toys. But something more practical – something to make mum’s 9-month journey easier – is just as certain to please.

Our Belly Essentials bundle features a nourishing cream to keep her belly and boobies soft throughout the whole pregnancy, along with a belly band that will come in handy after birth, to support loose tummy muscles and regain core strength. 

If she’s been struggling with morning sickness, she’ll be oh-so-thankful for our Tummy Tea, blending ginger and peppermint for a calming, settling effect. Another one of our favourites is the His & Hers Bundle, packed with prenatal vitamins for mum and dad – because after all, conceiving is a team effort.

… and for new mums

We never want to leave new mums out. If your loved one’s baby has already arrived, we’ve got just the right postpartum gifts for her, like our Postpartum Recovery Bundle. Packed with 6 post-pregnancy must-haves, it’s a full regimen to help her clean, soothe and feel like herself again. Shopping for something a bit more affordable? You can’t go wrong with our Postnatal Vitamin or Breastfeeding Essentials.

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