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In addition to your $55 12-month Kin membership, you pay pharmacy prices for your pill just before it ships.

Below is a list of Pill brands we offer and their prices.

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Patient Reviews

Essential during COVID-19

by Kerry M. on 24/08/2020

I realised after the first week of COVID-19 lockdown in Vic that I would run out of the pill within a few weeks. I didn't fancy a trip to the doctor at that particular time and was so grateful to find Kin Fertility...

Makes life SO much easier!

by Meg on 26/08/2020

I signed up to Kin when it first launched and holy, it makes life for a woman so much easier! I absolutely HATE having to go into a practice just to get another prescription of the same pill I've been taking for years...

Absolute game changer

by Emma on 17/08/2020

Well done Kin Fertility for such an amazing (and ridiculously necessary) concept. The customer service is excellent, and my pill was delivered in less time than it was usually take to book into my regular GP...

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We've made waiting rooms obsolete. Kin brings the doctor to you in a 100% online, text-based consult.

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With years of experience and qualifications, our GP's are experts in women's health (and they really care!)

Nothing is off limits - Chat to us about periods, side effects or changing prescriptions at any time.

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No more last-minute runs to the pharmacy. We'll deliver your contraception on time, every time.

With automated and flexible delivery schedules,
we've got you covered.

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Essential Protein - 1 Month Subscription
Tummy Tea - 3 Pack
Save 11%
Tummy Tea - 1 Pack
Essential Protein - 1 Pack
Iron Support - 1 Month Supply
The Genetic Test
The C-section Recovery Kit
8 Mesh Panties, Belly Band & Nourishing Cream
Mesh Panties
Postnatal - 3 Month Subscription
Postnatal - 3 Month Supply
Postnatal - 1 Month Subscription
Postnatal - 1 Month Supply
Supporting the nutritional needs of new mothers
Prenatal Refill
per month supply
Breast Pads
3 pairs of breast pads
Peri Bottle
Belly Essentials
Nourishing Cream
Lactation Massager
Nipple Balm
Belly Band
Sitz Bath
Sitz Tub
Sitz Salts
Healing Foam
Save 5%
Soothing Padsicles
1 Pack of 14 Soothing Padsicles
Conceiving Essentials - 3 Month Subscription
Save 28%
Conceiving Essentials - 1 Month Subscription
Save 17%
Conceiving Essentials - 1 Month Supply
Bundle & save 13%
His & Hers Bundle - 3 Month Subscription
Save 26%
His & Hers Bundle - 1 Month Subscription
Save 17%
His & Hers Bundle - 1 Month Supply
Bundle & save 11%
The Next-Gen Prenatal - 1 Month Subscription
save 11%
Breastfeeding Essentials
Nipple Balm & 3 pairs of Breast Pads
The Postpartum Recovery Kit
Peri Bottle, 8 Mesh Panties, 14 Soothing Padsicles & Healing Foam
The Next-Gen Prenatal - 3 Month Subscription
The Next-Gen Prenatal - 1 Month Supply
The Fertility Lube (3 pack)
Our clean and frictionless fertility lube has been uniquely formulated to mimic cervical environment, allowing sperm to survive and thrive.
The Fertility Lube (1 pack)
Not all lubes are created equal. Our clean and frictionless fertility lube has been uniquely formulated to mimic vaginal mucus, allowing sperm to survive and thrive.
The Male Prenatal - 3 Month Supply
The Male Prenatal - 1 Month Supply
The Next-Gen Prenatal - 3 Month Supply