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We know pregnancy can be a little overwhelming — but it doesn’t have to be.

Kin’s Pregnancy Checklist is the easy-to-understand guide helping you properly prepare and ready your mind, body, and home for what’s to come.

Broken down into trimesters

Made up of simple, bite-sized checklist items for each of the three trimesters. We’re here to help you enjoy the process, rather than get lost in it.

Prioritise, plan, and prepare

From the documents you’ll need to the hospital packing list, we’ll walk you through each item and give actionable steps to take on the spot.

On a need-to-know basis

We read countless baby books and consulted the experts, with a promise to give you only the information you need, when you need it.

No two pregnancies are the same

We consider your stage, lifestyle, and health factors when creating your custom pregnancy checklist.

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What weeks are the first, second and third trimester of pregnancy?

The trimesters are as follows:

• The first trimester spans from conception to 12 weeks
• The second semester is 12 to 24 weeks
• The third trimester is 24 to 40 weeks.

The Kin Pregnancy Checklist is broken down into trimesters and includes simple, easy to action tasks for each phase of pregnancy so you can enjoy the process, rather than get lost in it.

What not to do during pregnancy?

There are a few things you need to avoid during pregnancy for the health of your unborn child.

Here are some essential no-go zones that will help ensure a happy and healthy baby:
• Avoid engaging in extremely vigorous exercise
• Stop the use of prescription skincare medication like retinoids, retinol and vitamin A products
• Avoid certain foods like sushi and cold cured meats
• Limit caffeine intake (keep it below 200mg/day)
• Avoid alcohol completely
• Stop smoking and avoid drugs

Our comprehensive checklist includes easy-to-understand explanations from our fertility specialists on why these things are important to avoid. And, it’s a handy way to track everything you need to do before the 9 months is up.

What to pack in a hospital bag for mum?

How exciting! Some things you might like to bring include an oversized T-shirt, slip-on shoes or slippers, hair ties, lip balm, sweet drinks and lollies for that glucose boost, documentation for the hospital/midwives, a fresh change of comfy clothes for you and something for bub to wear home.

Kin’s Pregnancy Checklist includes a detailed list of other items you might want to pack — download it for free today and begin checking things off your list.

How regularly should I be attending antenatal appointments?

Depending on when you discover you’re expecting, it’s best to schedule your first antenatal appointment when you’re around 6 to 8 weeks pregnant. This appointment can be made with your GP, a midwife or at the hospital.

Over the course of your pregnancy, you will most likely have:
• 10 to 12 antenatal appointments over the 40 weeks
• A visit every 4 to 6 weeks until 28 weeks of pregnancy
• A visit every 2 to 3 weeks until 36 weeks of pregnancy
• Weekly visits until birth

The number of antenatal appointments will depend on your health as well as the health of your baby. You can learn more about what to expect from these appointments in our comprehensive (and free!) Pregnancy Checklist.

What do I do during early stages (first trimester) of pregnancy?

The first trimester of pregnancy lasts from conception to 12 weeks and is a very important time as your body is still adjusting to the process of growing a baby.

During this time, you can:
• Expect symptoms like nausea, fatigue, food cravings/intolerances
• Continue taking prenatal vitamins and be sure to keep your own health and nutrition needs at the forefront
• Schedule your first antenatal/pregnancy appointment

There’s so much more that we can’t cover here, so check out Kin’s Pregnancy Checklist for a comprehensive list of important tasks you don’t want to miss.

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