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We get it. Fertility can be a tricky path to navigate. So we’re making personalised specialist info more accessible to women earlier in life.

With our simple and proactive fertility test, you can get affordable access to medical information that is usually hidden behind specialist’s doors. And it’s all delivered in human-speak.

Take the first step to get proactive about your fertility. Put the power (and the options) back in your hands.

Why do we know so little about our own fertility?

We’re having kids later than ever.

But we only start thinking about fertility when we’re ready to have kids.

Women should have the right to this info earlier in life.

Because the more we know the more options we have: for our families, for our careers, and for our peace of mind.

We believe that you should be able to make life decisions without the lingering questions in the back of your mind.

Meet answers.

You deserve the truth.

Our medical specialists rolled up their sleeves to dive deep into the science and dig up everything you need to know about your fertility.

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