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Your fertility health,
in your control.

The essentials for modern women.

By women, for womankind.

Let’s flip the script, shall we? It’s about time we put women first.

Honest guidance.

We believe you deserve more answers, not more questions.

On our terms.

Your body. Your choice. Getting what you need just got a whole lot easier.

Australia's first subscription Pill service

The contraceptive pill delivered to your door. Kin lets you ditch the in-person doctor’s appointment, without compromising quality healthcare.

Life is full of loop-the-loops. But, access to your contraception should be straightforward.

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Meet the
Kin Fertility test

Want kids one day? Whether you’re ready for a family now or way in the distant future, you can understand your fertility health with Kin’s personalised hormone test.

Put the power (and the options) back in your hands.

We're raising the bar
for women's health.

We deserve better information.

We deserve better access to medical advice.

We deserve a better fertility journey.

Questions? Meet answers.

You deserve the truth. Our medical specialists rolled up their sleeves, diving deep into the science to dig up everything you need to know about your fertility.


Our fertility health
can be up to us.

We believe in a woman right to choose their own story, whether that's career or family.

We know fertility is a tricky path to navigate. So we’re building Kin to be your trusted guide.

We’re committed to providing high standards of patient care, delivered like a friend.

Let's do this.