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Carefully selected to support conceiving,
pregnancy, postpartum and general health.
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The Kindex
Explore the ingredients included in our dietitian-recommended formulations.
Supports reproductive health and helps your body adapt to stress.
Helps maintain and support energy production and is important for foetal development.
Essential for helping maintain strong bones through every phase of life.
Helps reduce tension, symptoms of stress and calm nerves and promotes relaxation before bed.
Assists your brain to regulate memory, mood and muscle control and supports a baby’s development.
Co-Enzyme Q10
Involved in energy production, growth and maintenance and helps reduce free radical damage.
Supports urinary tract health and helps reduce the occurrence of UTIs.
Helps direct water and nutrients where needed in the body and maintains fluid balance inside the cells.
Green Banana
Resistant Starch
A natural source of fibre that aids regular bowel movements and helps prevent indigestion.
Supports healthy energy levels, brain and thyroid function and regulates metabolism.
A sleep aid used in Chinese medicine to help reduce sleeplessness.
Lemon Balm
Helps to slow down brain activity during sleep and calm the nervous system to keep you asleep.
Helps in the regulation of blood pressure, supports energy and aids with muscle relaxation.
Traditionally used in Western Herbal Medicine to help reduce PMS symptoms and irregular periods.
Stimulates friendly gut bacteria growth to support your digestive system.
Promotes gut and mind health and aids in bowel movements.
Helps improve sleep quality, alleviates tension and supports your mood.
Aids in energy production and immune health and supports sperm motility and testosterone health.
Vitamin B2
Helps the body convert food into energy and create new blood cells.
Vitamin B6
Converts amino acids to serotonin to assist with mood regulation and supports a healthy pregnancy.
Vitamin B12
Supports nervous system health, helps folate work its magic and assists with foetal growth.
Vitamin C
Works to reduce free radicals and helps protect cells from damage.
Vitamin D3
Important for bone health and assists in the absorption of calcium.
Vitamin K
Works with vitamin D to help the body absorb calcium.
Found in
Supports the growth and function of immune cells and aids skin health.