His & Hers Bundle

The Next-Gen Prenatal + Male Prenatal

A better prenatal routine for both of you.

Conceiving is a team effort. In fact, 40% of infertility issues are due to poor sperm health.

The His & Hers Bundle includes our bestselling prenatal vitamins for women's prenatal health and male fertility.

Take the prenatal together 3 months before trying, and while trying for the best chance of conceiving.

Women will continue to take the prenatal during pregnancy.

Bioavailable essential ingredients
Science-led and dietitian endorsed
Made locally in Australia
Free express delivery Australia-wide

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Gluten free

No GMO or artificial colours


Gentle on your stomach

Evidence backed

What's included

Better for her

We wanted to make the Kin Prenatal the easiest routine to stick to, so we put everything in a single capsule.
Low constipation

from Bioavailable Iron

Energy production

from Biotin

Boost your immune system

from Zinc

Thyroid health

from Iodine

Essential body function

from Iron

Better for baby

We rebuilt the classic prenatal vitamin from the ground up.

That meant we sourced the absolute best form of each nutrient for your body (and baby) to absorb.
Highly bioavailable folate

from Methylfolate

Healthy brain development

from Omega 3 and Vitamin B12

Strong bone growth

from Vitamin K

Better calcium absorption

from Vitamin D

Better for him

Our formula supports male fertility by improving sperm health and motility, while reducing free radicals and damage.
Promotes sperm health

From Zinc and Selenium

Reduces free radicals and damage

Vitamin C, Zinc, Co-Enzyme Q10

Improves sperm motility, energy, and metabolism

Free Selenium, and Co-enzyme Q10

Supports testosterone health

From Zinc and Selenium

Helps body adapt to stress

From Ashwagondha

It takes two to get pregnant

The Next-Gen Prenatal and the Male Prenatal have been formulated individually and obsessively to give you the best chances of conceiving and supporting a growing baby.

We've sourced highly bioavailable ingredients to ensure your body can absorb and use the nutrients in their most effective form.
kin mesh panties for postpartum

The Next-Gen Prenatal

Kin’s best selling prenatal has been formulated with bioavailable methylated folate rather than with folic acid — which 1 in 3 women struggle to absorb due to a common genetic variant known as the MTHFR gene.

12 highly bioavailable essential ingredients

For when you're thinking, trying or pregnant

No taste or unpleasant odour

soothing padsicles for postpartum

The Male Prenatal

The Male Prenatal contains the necessary bioavailable ingredients proven to improve sperm quality and boost your chances of successful conception.

10 highly bioavailable essential ingredients

Take 3 months before trying and while trying

Supports a healthy mind and body

We could talk about it all day.

But don't take our word for it.
Australian women were waiting for this

Clean and simple with essential ingredients

Get support with key nutrients in forms the body can actually use.
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View supplement facts
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We did the research

Here's something you don't always see in a vitamin company: the research papers to back it up.

We trawled through hundreds of studies to create the very best prenatal vitamin for mum, dad and baby. These are our favourites.

We'll put our money where our mouth is.

Try it and don't love it within your first month?
Just ship it back for a full refund.
We're only happy if you are!

Ask us anything

Seriously, our experts have all the answers.

When is the best time to start taking a prenatal vitamin?

Nutritional experts typically recommend women and men take prenatal vitamins 3 months before starting to try for a family, and to continue taking it until you achieve your pregnancy goals. Women can continue taking prenatal vitamins while pregnant, while men can stop once a baby has been conceived.

For women, this is because it takes a while to reach a new nutritional status—one that’s crucial for the initial weeks of a baby’s life. In the first 28 days, some of a baby’s most important organs form including the heart and neural tube which become the brain and spinal cord.

Since most women don’t find out that they are pregnant until 4-8 weeks, it’s important that your body has reached optimal nutrient levels before you even know your baby is there.

For men, this is because it typically takes 3 months to regenerate healthy sperm.

How often should I take Kin Prenatals?

Women should take two capsules daily. For men, it’s one capsule daily. Easy!

Are the capsules easy to swallow?

Both The Prenatal and Male Prenatal capsules are about 2cm in length and 1cm in width, about the same size as a standard multivitamin tablet.

How long will a jar last me?

The Prenatal comes with 60 capsules in a jar. The Male Prenatal comes with 30 capsules in a jar. Each jar will last both of you 1 month, and you can purchase a refill at any time or subscribe to get your Prenatals delivered automatically.

How does the subscription work?

You won’t have to worry about running out of your Prenatals.

For the monthly subscription: Every month, you will receive a 1 month supply of the Prenatal and Male Prenatal, and will be billed $75 automatically.
In your first subscription order, your female Prenatal will come in 1 jar—please keep this jar so that you can refill it with our sustainable refill sachets which will arrive in every future order.

For your 3 month subscription: Every 3 months, you will receive a 3 month supply of the Prenatal and Male Prenatal, and will be billed $200 automatically. In your first subscription order, your female Prenatal will come in 1 jar and 2 refill sachets—please keep this jar so that you can refill it with our sustainable refill sachets which will arrive in every future order.

You can view upcoming orders and cancel your subscription at any time in your Profile.

I’m not pregnant or trying to have a baby. Can I still take The Prenatal?

Yes—if you aren’t taking precautionary methods to prevent a pregnancy, but aren’t actively trying, it’s still recommended you take a prenatal.

Many healthy and happy pregnancies are unintended, and by the time many mums-to-be find out that they are pregnant, most of the available benefits of a prenatal could have been vastly beneficial (especially to the baby’s neural tube development).

Let us help you

Got a question about the prenatal?
Our care team is always here to help you.
Email us at [email protected]

Our Difference

Folic Acid
Over 1.3 billion women worldwide. That’s how many of us can’t easily absorb folic acid due to a common genetic variance. So why, then, do most prenatal supplements still use it?

Because it’s cheap and readily available.

Methylated Folate in Kin Prenatal

But not ours. We worked with chemists to formulate something better, using methylfolate. This means you and your baby can reap the benefits of folate, knowing that it’s actually working.

Everybody can absorb methylfolate, and it doesn’t come with the same nasty side-effects some women experience from most prenatal supplements.

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