Thoughtful, practical and fun gifts for new mums

These gifts will help you both celebrate and support the new mum in your life.
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Thoughtful, Practical and Fun Gifts for New Parents | Kin Fertility
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It's hard to find a part of life that doesn't change for a new mum. Her body, her routines, her relationships, even her sense of self, and as an outsider to that, it can be hard to know what to do or give to support her.

Whether she's your best friend, your sister or your co-worker, gifts that might have been your go-to before motherhood just might not be appropriate anymore. After all, a book (even a parenting one) is probably going to collect dust in those first few weeks, and tickets to gigs, theatre shows or festivals are likely to inspire disbelief.

But never fear, we've got your back! From practical items to pressies that'll help her wind down once the baby's asleep, these thoughtful gifts will help you both celebrate and support the new mum in your life.

Getting ready to shop

Before you head out to your local shopping centre or load up your favourite online store, it's good to have an idea of what the new parents might actually want.

While the shift to motherhood results in a lot of changes, they're still them after all and helping that highly strung friend de-stress or your fun-loving sister have, well, some fun will see you shopping for very different gifts.

Think about what it is this new mum wants and needs as she navigates life with a new baby, and if you're not sure, don't be afraid to ask. Getting her something she'll love is a great way to show your love, and hopefully give her one less thing to worry about.

So, once you've made your decision, let's start by getting practical.

Practical gifts for new mums

Practical items are always a good gift for a new mum, especially something that's practical for her instead of practical for the new baby. After all, those baby hampers make for a great baby shower gift, but they rarely include much for mum.

Making her life easier with a special postpartum gift that helps her navigate the changes in her body and routine will show that you care, but also help make sure she's not feeling neglected.

Help her recuperate

A lot has been written about the changes to your body after pregnancy and childbirth, but rarely are those first few weeks given the care they deserve.

With this in mind, Kin's Postpartum Recovery Bundle is a 6-step care pack designed to help new mums heal after birth. This kit includes everything from Kin's Postnatal Vitamins to a healing foam (which fights bacteria and reduces swelling) and mesh underwear (for comfort) to a peri bottle, soothing cold pads and nourishing belly butter.

There's also the C-Section Recovery Bundle, featuring 5 must-haves for new mums recovering from caesarean delivery, which help to promote scar healing, support separated abdominal muscles and address symptoms of postpartum depletion.

Or you can choose our Postnatal Care & Repair Bundle, which we specifically created to support new mums during this postpartum period and help them recover after the monumental feat that is childbirth.

Gift her some breastfeeding support

Breastfeeding is another major change for a new mama, and can sometimes cause a little bit of grief. Whether it's finding the right angle or dealing with cracked nipples or mastitis, it can become a motherhood journey in and of itself.

There are a lot of gifts for new mums that focus on breastfeeding, from nursing pillows and nursing chairs to breast pumps to Kin's Breastfeeding Essentials, which includes a soothing Nipple Balm and reusable Breast Pads.

Practical and useful, these are the sorts of gifts that are going to make breastfeeding as easy as it can be for a new mum, so while it's not necessarily glamorous, it's definitely something she'll remember.

Keep her kitchen stocked

Finding the time and the energy to run out to the grocery store can be an impossible task for new parents, so a great gift you can offer is to go to the store for them, or grab them a grocery store gift card from a place that's going to deliver.

Gifts to help her wind down

A little self-care goes a long way when it comes to recovering from pregnancy and childbirth, and while the practical gifts above help her body, giving a first-time mum something that helps her relax when she can is the sort of thoughtful gift that keeps giving.

Get her comfortable

Loungewear, slippers, robes and sleep masks are dreamy for sleep-deprived new mums, and a perfect part of any new mama kit. Add to that some essential oils, a sheet mask and a massage ball for a bit of a home spa treatment, and you'll be her queen of self-care!

Feed her sweet tooth

The best gifts aren't always the ones that we can sink into, sometimes they're the ones that just keep us going. Sweet treats and tasty food can offer new mums the little energy burst they need to get them and their new baby through the afternoon.

Swing down to her favourite bakery or make something from scratch yourself to make this gift extra special.

Keep her entertained

Feeding time, burping, and getting the baby to sleep means there's a lot of time to bond, but also time where sometimes a little distraction might be needed.

A book might be hard to pick up, especially during breastfeeding, but audiobooks, podcasts, music and TV shows can be just the ticket for new mums. Try and hook her up to a new subscription streaming service, give her a nostalgia hit by making a playlist of favourite songs from your childhood, or gift her an audiobook to listen to as she feeds, cleans and changes.

Give her an instant soothing spa

A sitz tub and sitz salts make for the perfect gift set for a new mum. It will help her heal at home,  relieve tender and sensitive skin, cleanse her bits without irritating the area, and soothe haemorrhoids — everything she needs after delivering a bub!

Kin's Sitz Tub has a compact design that makes cleansing her sensitive areas easier, with less water than a bathtub, less time and less stress, while our Sitz Salts are a soothing blend of Epsom Salt, mineral-rich Dead Sea Salt, Witch Hazel and essential oils to help with the healing process.

Gifts for her to celebrate

It's not all self-care and recovery. Having a new baby is also a moment to celebrate, and thoughtful gifts can sometimes be markers of the occasion instead of just ways to try and help her relax. She'll love keepsakes and journals that help her remember the moment she became a mother for the rest of her life.

Baby books and photo albums

Often a good baby shower gift for new mums, baby books and photo albums can feel a little analogue these days, but in a rapidly shifting world, sometimes that's a good thing.

Being able to record those precious early months can be a gift all of its own, especially as the baby starts to grow. It'll be something to look back on and remember fondly, and definitely something to pull out at the 18th birthday party!

Personalised jewellery

From charm bracelets to lockets to simple sets of earrings with the baby's birthstone set in them, personalised jewellery is one of the more luxurious gifts for new mums.

They add a little bit of sparkle to what's generally a pretty unsparkly few months, and that mark of new life being able to be worn can offer its own source of delight.

A new mum photoshoot

In the age of Instagram, this is definitely one of the more popular gifts for new mums, and it's not hard to see why! These photoshoots are a beautiful way for a new mum to show off her expanding family, and a really fond keepsake for the future.

A good photographer's going to know how to capture all the feelings you'll want to remember, making this a gift she'll never forget.

Gifts for her to look forward to

For some new mums, those first few weeks can feel endless, and as a result, the best gift can be the reminder that there's a light at the end of the tunnel. It gets easier, and to mark that with a gift for her to look forward to can be just the ticket for a new mama navigating the trials and tribulations of first-time motherhood.

Whether it be a night off or spa treatments, the best gifts are sometimes the promise of a treat in the future, and not something for right now.

The gift of your time

Don't ever underestimate the power of offering a new mum your time. It might not be the most glamorous of new mum gifts, but it'll be one she'll love and one she'll really remember.

Being there for the grocery shopping or helping with the cleanup or even just giving her time to take a power nap while you watch the baby can be the best gifts for new parents, especially those doing it on their own.

A little bit of everything

Why not celebrate her with a new mum hamper? A new mum gift box like this can be the ultimate gift for a new mum, giving her a little bit of everything.

Going in with friends so you don't break the bank and creating a carefully curated pack chock full of thoughtful gifts can be a treasure for a first-time mum and really support her and her new family after the birth of a baby.

So why not gift Kin's Postpartum Recovery Bundle alongside those cupcakes and slippers? For the new mother in your life, it might be just what she needs.


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