The Fertility Lube

Not all lubes are created equal.

Our clean and frictionless fertility lube has been uniquely formulated to mimic cervical environment, allowing sperm to survive and thrive.

PH balanced
Spermicide free
Paraben free

It’s the intimacy you love from a lubricant, without reducing your chances of conceiving.

Select either:

1 month for $303 months for $80
Free express shipping Australia-wide

pH balanced

Free from spermicide

Glycerin, paraben and petroleum free

Water-based (not silicone based)

Fragrance free

Did you know?

Most lubricants contain spermicide
Couples who are TTC are twice as likely to experience vaginal dryness
Common lube ingredients like petroleum, glycerine, and silicone can affect sperm’s ability to move through the vaginal canal

Finding a clean, sperm-friendly lubricant free of spermicide and parabens is crucial in maximising your chances.

We've got you covered.

The Fertility Lube

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