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The Conceiving Essentials

Everything that you need to start your conceiving journey

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What’s included?

It takes two to get pregnant.

Which is why we want to provide you and your partner with a preparation kit that has everything you need to start your conceiving journey.

For the best chance of conceiving, be sure you each take the relevant prental for 3 months. Once you’re pregnant, we advise that you take the prenatal vitamin to ensure maximum health and vitality for you and baby.

  • The Prenatal
  • The Male Prenatal
  • 1 x box of Ovulation Tests (10 x single-use sticks)
  • 1 x box of Pregnancy Tests (3 x single-use sticks)
the ovulation and pregnancy test boxes with two kin jars
the ovulation and pregnancy test boxes with two kin jars
the ovulation and pregnancy test boxes with two kin jars
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Gluten free
No GMO or
artificial colours
Gentle on
your stomach
Evidence backed

Conceiving is a team effort

Which is why we’ve got you covered with our best-selling prenatal range as well as our newly released ovulation and pregnancy tests.

hand holding kin purple jar

The Prenatal

Supports a healthy development for your baby from conception to birth.

Things to consider:

12 highly bioavailable essential ingredients
For when you're thinking, trying or pregnant
A smooth vanilla taste with no unpleasant odours
hand holding small kin purple jar

The Male Prenatal

Supports male fertility and sperm health for your partner during the conceiving phase.

Things to consider:

10 highly bioavailable essential ingredients
Take 3 months before trying and while trying
Helps support a healthy mind and body
hand holding a ovulation test

The Ovulation Test

With a proven accuracy rate of 99%, we’ll help you to take the guesswork out of knowing when to conceive.

Why this test is important:

The fertility window is the 5 days leading up to ovulation, plus the day of ovulation and the day after (7 days total)
It allows you to make a plan of when to conceive
hand holding a ovulation test

The Pregnancy Test

Trying to conceive can be a stressful time, especially if you have been on the journey for a while.

Which is why we’ve created a test that is:

Has early detection (within 7 weeks of last menstrual period)
pregnant woman seating and holding a cup with big smile

The complete essentials for conceiving

Our Conceiving Essentials bundle is designed to make your pregnancy journey better for you, your partner, and your future baby.

Backed by science, packed with vitamins, and with the goal of giving you peace of mind—you’ll be ready to embrace your future with open arms.

Better for baby
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Provides highly bioavailable folate from Methylfoliate, supports health brain development with Omega 3 and Vitamin B12, helps with strong bone growth with Vitamin K and allows for better calcium absorption with Vitamin D.
Better for her
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Ensures low constipation from Bioavailable Iron, energy production from Biotin, supports your immune system with Zinc, supports your thyroid health with Iodine, helps your essential body functions with calcium, and gives you peace of mind with 99% accuracy rates on both our tests.
Better for him
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Promotes testosterone, sperm health and motility with Zinc and Selenium, reduces free radicals and damage with Vitamin C, Zinc and Co-enzyme Q10, and helps the body adapt to any added stress with Ashwagondha.

We could talk about it all day

Best prenatal I have used!

This is my second pregnancy, sad to say during my first I used a commonly bought chemist and supermarket branded prenatal. I had nothing but problems with and ended up stopping and not using a prenatal at all. 
But gone are the days of lack of information and I stumbled across this amazing product before conceiving and this prenatal has been an absolute blessing in disguise!! I have felt amazing, have experienced no side effects and have used it for the entirety of my pregnancy thus far.
The Prenatal
5 stars
I feel so much more energetic since I’ve started Kin

I’ve tried a few throughout my pregnancy and suffered with terrible IBS flare ups and as soon as I started on Kin that all calmed down and I haven’t looked back since. I feel so much more energetic and myself since I’ve started Kin and I am grateful I found them.
The Prenatal, The Male Prenatal
5 stars
Truly these are amazing.

I feel great taking these, and they even taste and smell so delicious that I actually look forward to taking them. Delivery was super quick too. I’m honestly so impressed with this and intend to stick with Kin for all of my pregnancy needs now and I’ve recommended the brand to all of my friends. Worth every cent!
The Prenatal, The Male Prenatal
5 stars
Amazing product, excellent customer service!!

Kin’s pre and postnatal tablets have been brilliant, the ability to order online with quick delivery is great, and customer service responds promptly and helpfully. The tablets are easy to take, don’t give any nausea and are great for baby. Overall great product - I’ve recommended it to several friends!
The Prenatal
5 stars
Ultra impressed

I really enjoy buying from Kin Fertility. The product itself is fantastic. It hasn’t made me feel icky at all and the capsule has a nice slight vanilla taste. It also doesn’t ever repeat on me or feel like it gets lodged half way down the chest. The fact that the male supplement only needs to be taken once a day has worked well for my husband.

Ultra impressed and will definitely recommend it to my friends and family in the future!
The Prenatal, The Male Prenatal
5 stars
Huge THANKS to Kin Fertility

I have a huge THANKS to give to Kin Fertility for their amazing prenatal! I switched over to Kin’s prenatal 5 months ago and about 3 months ago got my partner to start taking the male prenatal. After a 3 year journey of trying to conceive, my partner and I now finally have a bundle of joy on board. Switch over to Kin for your prenatal today, you won’t regret it!
The Prenatal, The Male Prenatal
5 stars
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We’ve got answers brought to you by Kin’s women’s health experts.

When is the best time to start taking a prenatal vitamin?

Nutritional experts typically recommend women and men take prenatal vitamins 3 months before starting to try for a family, and to continue taking it until you achieve your pregnancy goals. Women can continue taking prenatal vitamins while pregnant, while men can stop once a baby has been conceived.

For women, this is because it takes a while to reach a new nutritional status—one that’s crucial for the initial weeks of a baby’s life. In the first 28 days, some of a baby’s most important organs form including the heart and neural tube which become the brain and spinal cord.

Since most women don’t find out that they are pregnant until 4-8 weeks, it’s important that your body has reached optimal nutrient levels before you even know your baby is there.

For men, this is because it typically takes 3 months to regenerate healthy sperm.

How often should I take Kin Prenatals?

Women should take two capsules daily. For men, it’s one capsule daily. Easy!

Are the capsules easy to swallow?

Both The Prenatal and Male Prenatal capsules are about 2cm in length and 1cm wide, about the same size as a standard multivitamin tablet.

How long will a Prenatal jar last me?

The Prenatal comes with 60 capsules in a jar. The Male Prenatal comes with 30 capsules in a jar. Each jar will last both of you 1 month, and you can purchase a refill at any time or subscribe to get your Prenatals delivered automatically.

How do I use the ovulation test?

Ovulation generally starts about halfway through your menstrual cycle, so the best time to use an ovulation test is around the 10th day of your cycle.

Uncap the test and pee on the absorbent tip for at least 3 seconds. Or, pee into a clean cup and dip half of the tip in for 10 seconds. Lay the test flat on a non-absorbent clean surface and wait 10-30 minutes for the red line(s) to appear.

Can I use the ovulation test to test pregnancy?

The ovulation test was not designed to detect pregnancy, so it should not be used to test for it. But, if you haven’t yet realised that you're pregnant, you might keep using an ovulation test and be getting positive results.

When to take a pregnancy test

Yes, pregnancy tests do have an expiration date, although it depends on the brand and make of the kit. Generally speaking, pregnancy tests have a shelf life of 2-3 years.

While keeping a pregnancy test sealed for as long as possible can slow its ageing down, ultimately the expiry date still holds true as the pregnancy test will lose accuracy since the product degrades.

The expiration date of our pregnancy tests is located at the back right corner of the box.

How do I read the pregnancy test?

After testing and waiting 5 minutes, if two lines show up, even if the test line (T) is very faint, that’s a positive result.

If the test remains with the one red control line (C), this means you’re not pregnant or, it’s too early to be testing.

Note: If no lines appear, the test may be faulty or out of date. Please test again with a fresh stick.

Are pregnancy test kit’s accurate?

When used correctly, home pregnancy tests are generally very accurate. Most tests claim to provide over 99% accurate results when used on or after the first day of your missed period.

However, despite most pregnancy tests providing accurate results, mishaps can still occur. If you have doubts about your test result or if your symptoms persist, follow up with a healthcare provider for the most accurate result.

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