The best (and safest) sex positions to try while pregnant

We made it our mission to uncover everything you need to know about sex with a bump.
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June 4, 2024
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The Best (& Safest) Pregnant Sex Positions To Try | Kin Fertility
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When it comes to sex, you probably have a good idea of what gets you going. But, when you're pregnant and growing a baby, a lot can change in the sheets.

Pregnancy tips everything you know about your body completely upside down — from varicose veins to haemorrhoids, leaky nipples and puffy feet, being up the duff can be a whirlwind for your sex life.

But that doesn't mean you can't enjoy pregnancy sex just as much as you enjoy sex without the bump.

In fact, some women report having an even deeper connection with their bodies, their partner and their pleasure when they're pregnant. So what are the best sex positions for pregnant women?

We've made it our mission to uncover everything you need to know about sex with a bump.

What are the best pregnancy sex positions?

While the best sex positions during pregnancy depend on your likes and what stage of pregnancy you're at, there are a few positions that are known to please even the fussiest bumps — and these are all backed up by experts.


Have your partner lie beside you and get them to curl up next to your back, forming a 'big spoon' shape. For ladies in their third trimester, this is touted as one of the most universally comfortable and accessible sex positions of all!

Not only is it comfortable, but deeper penetration is a little trickier to achieve, which is perfect for those who have a sensitive cervix. Spooning also keeps pressure off the belly, and you'll even have a free hand to rub for clitoral stimulation if that's up your alley.

Best for: All trimesters but particularly the second and third as this position takes the pressure off the bump.

Side by side

Lie down facing each other, and have your partner twist their leg over yours. Whether you keep your legs straight or bend them at the knee is entirely up to you.

This position lets you play around with penetration depth — side by side sex is completely malleable and can be vigorous or extremely gentle depending on your mood and energy levels.

This intimate position gets bonus points for its ability to spark the love between you and your partner — there's nothing like eye contact during sex!

Best for: All trimesters. It can make sex easier in the third trimester as there isn't any pressure on your stomach.

Sex from behind

As one of the best sex positions for keeping pressure off your belly weight and bladder, the rear entry sex position entails having your partner enter you from behind while you're up on all fours.

Also known as doggy style, this sex position allows your partner's penis to experiment with deep penetration if you're up for it. You can also mix it up a little and have your partner enter you from behind while your hands are placed firmly against a wall.

Best for: First and second trimester. It may get too difficult by the third trimester to balance on all fours given the extra weight around your belly.

Reverse cowgirl

Of all the sexual positions that can stir sexual satisfaction while pregnant, this might be one of the best. Get your partner to lie down on their back and sit on top of them, straddling them and facing their feet.

If you prefer being in control of the depth of penetrative sex, this is a sex position that'll make you feel comfortable and secure. It also keeps the pressure off your belly and bladder and switches the firm focus to your G-spot, which can create more intense and mind-blowing orgasms.

Sound good? Yep, we think so too.

Best for: All stages of pregnancy but the reverse cowgirl can be particularly good for the later stages of pregnancy as it doesn't compress the stomach.

You on top

Are you a fan of being in control? You'll love this one.

Have your partner lie down and jump on top of them — then, let the fun begin! If you like to change the pace and control penetration, straddling your partner from the top is a great sex position for experimenting with what feels good.

Best for: First and second trimester. Some people might want to avoid this position in the third trimester as deep penetration could irritate the cervix or cause accidental bleeding in some pregnancies.

The Corkscrew

If getting your partner to enter you from behind in the traditional way doesn't feel right for you, try the corkscrew position.

Lay down on your side and rest your hip and forearm close to the edge of the bed, couch or counter. Squeeze your legs together and get your partner to penetrate you while you gently thrust your hips.

Best for: All trimesters and particularly in later stages of pregnancy as it doesn't put any pressure on the bump.

Non-penetrative positions

Penetrative sex isn't the only way to have fun with your bump — if you're not in the mood, or you're feeling a little sensitive, why not mix it up with non-penetrative sex positions?

Mutual masturbation can be an amazing way to connect with your partner while you're pregnant, and the same goes for oral sex. Anything to do with rubbing, grinding and generally playing around with each other's bodies is a great way to indulge in pregnancy sex without penetration.

What sex positions should you avoid during pregnancy?

If you have a healthy bump and your body is taking to pregnancy well, there isn't really any specific sex position that is off-limits to you. But, keep in mind that in the second trimester, you want to avoid any position that puts weight or pressure on your belly.

You'll also want to avoid lying on your stomach from this point on and anything that has you lying flat on your back for too long as it puts pressures on major blood vessels and can restrict blood flow to the womb, and in some cases, can restrict oxygen to the baby.

What are the best pregnancy sex positions for each trimester?

While your sex life is completely dependent on your comfort levels, as a general rule, normal sex positions do get a little trickier as the trimesters tick away. During your first trimester, almost any sex position that works for you is completely safe for your bump.

Experts particularly recommend the lotus position (where you face each other, wrapping your legs around your partner), tabletop (where you literally use a table to get it on) and stand-up (pretty self-explanatory, right?) positions.

As your second trimester rolls around, you'll probably be starting to notice your lovely little bump a little more every day. From here out, you're going to want to be extra mindful of not putting pressure on your belly, uterus or bladder.

Experts say that side by side sex, rear entry, pregnant person-on-top and partner-on-top positions are all great! When the third trimester pops up (bringing a big belly with it), your best bet is to feel it out and continue with any sex positions that feel comfortable!

For many women, some second trimester favourites have to be thrown out the window and swapped for something a little more soothing.

Having your partner enter you from behind is often the most comfortable third trimester position for a lot of couples, as you won't have to support your belly weight or put pressure on your poor bladder!

Ways to increase your pleasure

With a bump to boot, it's common for couples to have a lot on their mind while engaging in pregnancy sex. To spice things up a little and put a pep in your step, try a few of our favourite pleasure-inducing tips below:

Try lubricant

While some women indulge in the glory of having a perpetually wet vagina during pregnancy, for some, vaginal dryness can rear its ugly head when you least expect it.

When you're revved up and ready to go, being dry down there can be the furthest thing from feeling good. Using a water-based or silicone-based lubricant to make things a little slipperier down there can make a world of a difference for your sex life.

A sexy study from way back in 2010 actually found that using a pregnancy-safe lubricant to get down and dirty exacerbated intense feelings of pleasure for most women. If that's not a reason to dive in and soak up NORMAL's Water-Based Lube or Silicon-Based Lube, what is?

Both of these lubes are safe to use during pregnancy and help to make sex easier (and more pleasurable) if you're experiencing vaginal dryness. Plus, they are both free of parabens and have a gentle formula that isn't harsh on sensitive skin.

Pillow support

If you're finding your bump gets in the way or makes things a little trickier, you might want to try popping a pillow between your legs or below your hips. Pillows are great for making your body ease into sex a little easier and can make for a much more enjoyable experience.

Double the fun

Sex toys on a normal day are fun... but sex toys while you're pregnant can take your sex game to a whole new level. Sex toys like dildos and vibrators are completely safe to use while you're pregnant – but you're going to want to make sure the toy is clean before and after you use it to reduce the chance of infection.

For those who love to indulge in a little bit of penetrative sex toy-action? Don't fret — you have nothing to worry about when it comes to piercing your placenta or hurting bub up there. Your mucus plug was created just to protect your little one from the outside world.

The best part about using sex toys during pregnancy sex? Your already-intense orgasms are bound to feel out of this world!

Your hormones go wild when you're pregnant, increasing the blood flow to your pelvic region. When more blood gets pumping down there, you can expect more pleasure and a far more satisfactory orgasm.

Looking for the right sex toy to slip in between the sheets? NORMAL has a unique range of sex toys that were created just for pleasure.

Say goodbye to vanilla pregnancy sex and hello to heaven!

All of the tools you need to take your reproductive health into your own hands.