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The Next-Gen Prenatal
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Pregnancy > The Essential Protein

The Essential Protein

Daily protein shakes for pregnancy and postpartum

14 servings

Designed to help you meet your heightened nutrient needs, this easy-to-take protein supplement enriched with beneficial probiotics supports both mum and bub’s development and aids in recovery during the fourth trimester.

22.4g of bioavailable protein in every serve
Good source of vitamin C and calcium
Delicious natural vanilla flavour
Free leak-proof Kin Shaker with your subscription

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Kin Essential Protein Jar With a filled glass
Kin Essential Protein Jar With Kin Shaker
Kin Essential Protein Jar
Kin Essential Protein Jar
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Why increase protein intake during pregnancy?

Better for baby

Your baby’s main job is to grow! By reaching your recommended protein levels, you give your little one the best chance of thriving in the womb.
Tissue growth

Essential support for skin, bone and muscle development

Blood oxygenation

Aid in the flow of oxygen from mum to baby

Placenta health

Maintain a nutrient-rich food source for your developing baby

Breastmilk quality

Pass protein from mum to baby, to nourish and encourage healthy growth

Better for mum

During pregnancy, your body needs around 33% more protein to supply your growing baby and ease the transition into motherhood.
Cell creation and repair

Nourish your body as it grows and adapts to the changes of pregnancy

Maintain blood pressure

Assisting blood pressure through protein intake can help prevent preeclampsia

Restore energy levels

Feel like yourself and remain active through each stage

Heal and rebuild

Protein helps mum heal and recover post-birth

Made with you and your baby in mind

We designed our formula with input from dietitians and women’s health specialists, to ensure you both get what you need.

High quality protein

At 22.4g per serve, Whey protein concentrate has one of the highest protein contents of any substance

Rich in micronutrients

Including Vitamin C and Calcium to help you meet your daily needs

Rich amino acid profile

Contains all 9 essential amino acids, which are crucial for building new life

Fast digesting

Quickly absorbed by the body, with dietary fibre to ease pregnancy constipation

Contains probiotics

Bacilus Coagulans

Naturally delicious

Tasty from natural vanilla, with no artificial sweeteners, colours or flavours
Kin Protein Jar

Guiding Aussie mums through their pregnancy journey

Kin Protein Jar
Add 2 scoops to 200ml of water, milk or your favourite smoothie
Kin Shaker
Blend or stir until smooth
Kin Essential Protein With a filled glass
Enjoy once daily, in between regular meals

Guiding Aussie mums through their pregnancy journey

Tastes surprisingly good! I added it to my smoothie in the morning to make sure I'm getting enough protein for the bub. Love it.
Sai W.
I’ve been feeling lately that I haven’t been able to properly stay on top of my diet and worry that I’m not getting all the protein I need for my baby. Ordered the subscription and so happy with my first delivery! And it comes in really cute packaging :)
Jenn M.
It’s so handy having this in the kitchen, I can just shake it up with some milk and drink it on the go. With so much going on and new things to learn through pregnancy it’s just nice to have one less thing to worry about during the day.
Megan D.

Ask us anything

Seriously, our experts have all the answers.

Why should I take a protein supplement?

With unpleasant symptoms like nausea, indigestion and vomiting occurring in 70% of pregnancies, it can be difficult for women to get enough protein from food during pregnancy. Even those who don’t suffer these symptoms, the protein requirement is simply higher through pregnancy. This is where a protein supplement can help to fill in these nutritional gaps. Protein should also be spread evenly across the day: incorporating a protein supplement in between main meals can ensure that you are getting protein in regularly to fuel the changes that are happening in your body.

How much protein do I need during pregnancy?

During pregnancy, your body needs about 33% more protein—around 1g per kg of body weight per day—to supply your growing baby and the organs and tissues that internally support your baby. Protein is also important to help rebuild and heal your organs and tissues post birth, as well as producing high quality breast milk supply.

Is it safe to take protein supplements when pregnant?

If using the correct dosage and when paired with a healthy diet, The Essential Protein is a safe protein supplement to take during pregnancy. Email us at [email protected], or talk to your doctor if you have any questions or concerns about supplements.

What should I look for in a protein supplement?

When it comes to choosing between different types of protein, you don’t just want to look at the grams of protein present – to maximise the benefits (like supporting building muscle), it’s equally important to assess the quality too.

A high quality protein supplement contains more than just a high protein content. It takes into account ideally providing a complete amino acid profile.

A quick crash course: Amino acids are the building blocks of protein. Nine of said amino acids are considered essential (hence “essential amino acids”), which means the body can’t make them on its own—the only way you can get them is through your diet.

When a food contains all nine of these essential amino acids in sufficient amounts, it’s considered a complete protein. Whey protein falls under this category.

A good quality protein is also easily digestible and bioavailable, meaning that your body is able to break down, absorb and utilise the amino acids efficiently. Whey protein and whey protein isolate are some of the bioavailable and digestible protein sources out there!

For vegans, pea protein is a good option that also contains all nine essential amino acids. However, it’s too low in one of them—methionine—to be considered a complete protein on its own. This can present a challenge for vegans seeking a protein powder that delivers a complete amino acid profile without the need for additional supplementation. So when you’re looking for a vegan protein alternative, look for one that is supplemented with L-Methionine (stay tuned – we’re working on this!).

Does the Essential Protein contain artificial sweeteners?

No! The Essential Protein is an all-natural supplement without any artificial sweeteners. We use Erythritol and Thaumatin, which are both natural sweeteners with a low calorie count.

What are amino acids and why are they important?

Known as the building blocks of life, amino acids are the components which make up proteins in the body. They help stabilise blood sugar and play an essential part in building new cells for baby.

Does the Essential Protein come with a shaker?

The Kin Shaker comes free with your first subscription order. Its anti-leak, stainless steel design keeps shakes chilled and tasting how they should.

It doubles as a great water bottle during pregnancy to keep you hydrated and cool.

Let us help you

Got a question about the Essential Protein?
Our care team is always here to help you.
Email us at [email protected]

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