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Postpartum Recovery Kit

The simple 4-Step Recovery Regimen helping you heal from birth.

You did the hard work. Now it’s our turn to help you. Kin’s Postpartum Recovery Kit includes everything you need — and nothing you don’t — to help heal your vagina and relieve discomfort after birth.

Including The Peri Bottle, The Mesh Panties, The Soothing Padsicles, and The Healing Foam, it’s the all-in-one regimen designed to clean, soothe, restore, and help you feel like yourself again.

Gentle on recovering mums
Ergonomically designed and easy to use
Free express delivery
Save 5%


Peri Bottle, 8 Mesh Panties, 14 Soothing Padsicles & Healing Foam

Sitz Bath
Belly Essentials
Breastfeeding Essentials
Nipple Balm & 3 pairs of Breast Pads
Buy for $119
Free express shipping Australia-wide

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The Mesh Panties, Belly Band & Nourishing Cream

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mother holding kin healing foam for postpartum
kin peri bottle for postpartumkin mesh panties for postpartummother using kin health foam for postpartum recovery

What's in the box

The Peri Bottle

The Mesh Panties

The Soothing Padsicles

The Healing Foam

Birth is just
the beginning.

We know how it is

There’s so much to prepare for; even before baby arrives. But the days and weeks after birth can prove challenging, which is why it’s important to think ahead of your needs.

We're here for you

We designed the 4-Step Recovery Regimen to help you navigate the weeks following birth and help you feel like yourself again. Created for your comfort, care and healing down there.

The Products
Why We Made This

The 4- Step
Recovery Regimen

Kin’s Postpartum Recovery Kit starts you on your journey to recovery, so you can focus on what’s in front of you.
kin peri bottle for postpartum

Step 1. Cleanse with The Peri Bottle

The Peri Bottle is ergonomically designed to delicately clean your vagina without applying painful pressure. It can also gently clean incisions from C-sections too.

Ergonomic upside-down design

Portable and travel-friendly

Continuous, gentle stream

About The Peri Bottle

kin mesh panties for postpartum

Step 2. Pop on The Mesh Panties

Kin's Mesh Panties provide the ultimate comfort and hold you in with just the right amount of support.

Designed for the postpartum period

Keeps maxi-pads and Soothing Padsicles in place

Soft, stretchy, and breathable

About The Mesh Panties

soothing padsicles for postpartum

Step 3. Chill with The Soothing Padsicles

These 2-in-1 postpartum Padsicles combine instant cold therapy and an absorbent pad in one. Put them into your Mesh Panties for an instant soothing effect.

Instant crack-and-cool relief

Full coverage with an adhesive backing

Maximum absorbency

About The Soothing Padsicles

kin healing foam for postpartum

Step 4. Heal with The Healing Foam

Our Healing Foam fights bacteria and reduces swelling while providing relief for pain, itching, and tearing with the natural healer, Witch Hazel.

Foam over spray for maximum absorption

Use on its own or as a wash with The Peri Bottle

No harsh chemicals or fragrances

About The Healing Foam

Why we made this

Delivering a baby is a superhuman effort, but every hero needs a sidekick. For you, that’s us.

We’re here to support you through every step of your pregnancy journey. That means caring for you immediately after you give birth — when you need it most.

The vagina is put through its paces during birth, and especially in vaginal delivery. Kin’s Postpartum Recovery Kit is designed to help heal and soothe the body’s common responses.


85-90% of first-time mums will experience tearing as the baby's head squeezes through. Stitches are often required. [1]


Aches and pain after delivery can linger for days or weeks.


A common response to the goings-on down there. Swelling will ease within a few months.


Healing scars around the vagina can be a little itchy. This is easily relieved.


Veins in the rectum can become swollen and sore after pushing. Haemorrhoids affect around 43% of women after birth. [2]

We could talk about it all day.

But don't take our word for it.
Australian women were waiting for this.

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Ask us anything

Seriously, our experts have all the answers.

Can the Postpartum Recovery Kit also be used after C-Section births?

The Postpartum Recovery Kit bundle was designed for vaginal birth as well as unplanned C-section births (which make up 40% of C-section births in Australia).

After a C-section, you will still experience vaginal bleeding and some soreness or sensitivity if you went into labour. The high-rise Mesh Panties support maxi pads in those first few weeks of bleeding and sit above your incision to protect it; The Soothing Padsicles alleviate swelling from the incision site and vaginal soreness; The Peri Bottle can be used to gently cleanse healing scars, and The Healing Foam can be used on stitches to promote healing.

If you’re looking to have a planned C-section, you will find the recovery essentials for C-section surgery in our C-section Recovery Kit.

Can I purchase the kit for someone else?

Yes! The Postpartum Recovery Kit is shipped all together in one cleverly packed box. These essentials were made to be gifted — whether it’s a gift to yourself or someone deserving, that’s up to you.

What comes in the Postpartum Recovery Kit?

The kit comes complete with everything you need to heal from birth. You’ll receive The Peri Bottle (1), Mesh Panties (8), Soothing Padsicles (14), and Healing Foam (150mL) — delivered to your door with free express shipping.

What’s the sizing like for the Mesh Panties?

One-size-fits-all. Not many things in life can be approached in that way, but The Mesh Panties are no normal pair of undies. They’re designed to be super soft and stretchy, with just enough give for maxi pads and The Soothing Padsicles while still providing support to your tummy.

Are the Mesh Panties disposable?

The Mesh Panties are designed to be used during the first 2-3 months after birth when you need them most but beyond this, continued use is up to you. The Mesh Panties come in a pack of 8 pairs that are each washable up to 10 times (so you won't run out in the first few weeks of bleeding). To reuse the Mesh Panties, warm wash at 60°C and tumble dry low. Do not bleach, dry clean or iron.

Can I purchase the items on their own?

We want to make it really easy for new mums to navigate their recovery. That’s why we designed the Postpartum Recovery Kit with an all-in-one regimen at a discounted price.

However, we understand you may want to pick and choose what you need for your individual situation. To purchase items on their own, simply explore the Postpartum range.

How long does postpartum recovery take?

Every new mum’s journey to recovery is different and it could take some time before you really feel like yourself again. Many women feel their bodies have healed after 6-8 weeks, but navigating breastfeeding, hormonal changes and sleep deprivation can prove challenging beyond that. Make sure to get lots of rest and reach out to your doctor if you need support.

How do I know when to call my doctor?

It’s normal to experience some pain and discomfort while you recover from delivery, and it’s a good idea to ask your doctor or midwife about what you can expect. Postpartum symptoms tend to improve each day, but if you find your symptoms are worsening, then give your doctor a call.

Let us help you

Got a question about the Postpartum Recovery Kit?
Our care team is always here to help you.
Email us at [email protected]


The Peri Bottle

Why we love it

Ergonomic design
Designed to be held upside down - to avoid the dreaded hand-in-toilet situation. The angled spout gently directs water to exactly where you need it.

Portable / travel-friendly
Retractable nozzle, no-leak bottle, and comes with a waterproof travel bag.

Continuous stream
To provide an uninterrupted flow of water to the area.

Material and Care

Materials: EVA+ABS

Directions for use: Fill The Peri Bottle with warm water and spray on affected areas as needed.

Tip: Mix your water with our With Hazel Perineal Foam for added relief.

Care instructions: Do not expose The Peri Bottle to temperatures hotter than 60 degrees. Do not put The Peri Bottle Bottle in a microwave or dishwasher. Only use The Peri Bottle with warm water or cold water washes.

The Mesh Panties

Why we love it

Designed specifically for the first 3 months of recovery
Typically, new mums swell considerably after birth and can bleed for up to 45 days regardless of their delivery method. The Mesh Panties are designed to keep you as comfortable as possible, while not applying any unnecessary pressure on your bits.

Keep maxi-pads and The Soothing Padsicles in place
You can use The Mesh Panties however you need, for maximum comfort and support.

Beyond soft
They're soft, stretchy and breathable; basically everything your vagina wants to hear after birth.

Materials and Care

Size: One size fits all. Comes in a pack of 8.

Materials: 94% Polyester, 6% Spandex.

Care instructions: Warm wash at 60°C. Do not bleach. Do not dry clean. Do not iron. Tumble dry low.

The Soothing Padsicles

Why we love it

Instant relief
Instant crack-and-cool cold therapy delivered in the recommended 20-minute therapy window. No freezer necessary.

Maximum absorbency
Each maxi pad absorbs 260g of liquid, so you don't have to worry about leaks.

Like sitting on a cloud
Super soft top layer provides pillowy comfort in the perineal area and an option for soft cold therapy on a C-section incision.

Full coverage
Pad covers the entire perineal area from front to back with an adhesive back so it stays put.

Materials and Care

Quantity: 14 Padsicles per box.

Materials: Calcium Ammonium Nitrate and Water. Contains less than 28% Nitrogen.

Directions for use: 
1. Activate the ice pad by folding the pads in half.
2. Give it a shake and remove the pad from the sleeve.
3. Peel back the purple adhesive strips and secure the pads to your underpants.

The Healing Foam

Why we love it

Healing hero, Witch Hazel
Witch Hazel is a plant containing all kinds of natural healers, like antioxidants and biomolecules called tannins. It's been shown to reduce swelling and fight bacteria to prevent infections and is great for haemorrhoids during and post-pregnancy, as well as itchy stitches or a torn perineum.

Foam form over spray
Unlike a typical Witch Hazel spray, foam absorbs into your tender spots instead of into your pad for maximum efficiency.

Handy in any situation
The Healing Foam is perfect to use on maxi pads, adult diapers or on top of our Soothing Padsicles. You can also use it when cleansing your vagina with The Peri Bottle.

No harsh chemicals or fragrances
Safe and gentle on healing skin.

Materials and Care

Size: 150mL per bottle

Aqua, Hamamelis Virginiana (Witch Hazel) Leaf Water, Rose Water, Glycerin, Cucumis Sativis (Cucumber) Extract, Calendula Officinalis Extract, Decly Glucoside, Dehydroacetic Acid, Benzyl Alcohol, Pelargonium Gravelens (Geranium) Flower Oil, Peppermint Oil, Citric Acid, Lactic Acid

Directions for use:
Cleanse the affected area using The Peri Bottle or warm water. Add The Healing Foam on top of each new pad or liner for healing relief.

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The Postpartum Recovery Kit

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