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Meet the Kin
Fertility Test.

The most comprehensive fertility hormone test you can take to be proactive about your fertility. We're coming soon in 2020.

What to expect with Kin

  • Step 1

    Blood test measuring up to 8 hormones

  • Step 2

    Personalised for your contraception and future goals

  • Step 3

    Your results reviewed by specialists and sent to your inbox

  • Step 4

    All your questions answered with ongoing support from our fertility doctors

What can I learn?

  • 🔮 If I have more or fewer eggs than average
  • ⏳ If I could hit menopause earlier or later than average
  • ❄️ How I might respond to egg-freezing and IVF
  • 🐣 Whether anything might be impacting my ovulation cycles
  • 🍓 Understand whether I have signs of PCOS
  • 📊 How my thyroid might impact my fertility health

You'll test between 4-8 of these hormones (depending on your contraception)

  • AMH

    Anti-Mullerian Hormone

  • FSH

    Follicle Stimulating Hormone

  • E2


  • LH

    Luteinising Hormone

  • PROL


  • TSH

    Thyroid Stimulating Hormone

  • FT4

    Free Thyroxine

  • Free T

    Free Testosterone

Why test?

We believe there’s strength in knowledge.

We believe that proactive education about our fertility will give us the ability to better plan our families, on our terms.

Meet our Medical Director

  • Dr. Vamsee Thalluri
    IVF & Fertility Specialist

+ Will the Kin Fertility Test tell me how fertile I am?

+ Where do I go to get my blood drawn?

+ Will a real fertility specialist or doctor review my results?

+ Can I do the Kin Fertility Test if I’m using hormonal contraception?

+ Is my data secure?

Fertility testing the regular way

Regular Way

At Kin, we do things a little differently...

Kin Way

Want to learn more?

Check out our fertility testing guide.

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